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الصفحة الرئيسية | وظائف أخرى | Regional Director Middle East Region

اعلانات توظيف في الاردن | Regional Director Middle East Region

Regional Director Middle East Region

Closing date

30 Apr 2023


Founded in 2007, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF / Libraries without Borders) strives to empower vulnerable populations by facilitating their access to education, information and culture.

In more than 30 countries, the NGO deploys innovative cultural and educational spaces that allow people affected by crises and precariousness to learn, to be entertained, to create links and to build their future.

Through its projects, BSF works on multiple thematic such as: literacy, citizenship, digital inclusion and the integration of refugees and displaced persons.


After 15 years of action, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières is scaling up: our goal is to triple our operational volume by 2030, to transform the lives of 3 million people through our projects in the next 10 years. BSF also aims to become a leading player in the invention and dissemination of effective educational and social policy tools on a global scale, at a time when these have never been more necessary.

One of the key elements of this 10-year strategy is to strengthen the presence and action of BSF as close as possible to its beneficiaries and partners. In this context, BSF recruits a Regional Director Middle East based in Amman, Jordan. His/her main mission will be to support the development of the NGO's activities throughout the region and to oversee the implementation of operations. Currently, BSF operates in Lebanon and in Iraq.


Under the authority of the Director of Operations, the Regional Director is responsible for the development of BSF in the geographical area where it is located. He/she establishes local partnerships and supervises the implementation of operations in the region.


1. Context and stakeholders’ analysis and prospecting

  • Analyze the context, issues, and needs in relation to BSF's mandate and global strategy; analyze the humanitarian response and public educational and social policies in the region and map the actors involved.
  • Prioritize contacts with stakeholders: public authorities, companies, foundations, and potential donorss for BSF, and respond to incoming requests.
  • Identify funding opportunities.

2. Design of the development strategy, fundraising and partnership follow-up

  • Develop and/or validate thematic, geographic, and partnership intervention strategies consistent with the organization's mandate, vision, and financial capacities, in consultation with the Operations Department and General Management.
  • Build relationships with potential financial and operational partners.
  • Oversee or develop the response to calls for proposals from donors with the support of the program teams
  • Support the updating of compliance and accountability procedures and ensure that these procedures are respected
  • Develop BSF's network in the region, building links with organizations and institutions and bringing together prominent personalities, friends and supporters of the NGO.

3. Operations management

  • Guarantee the quality of operations in the countries of intervention;
  • Ensure sound budgetary management of projects implemented;
  • Ensure budget planning and monitoring of the region's budget;
  • Ensure the feedback and dissemination of information on regional operations to headquarters and vice versa from headquarters to the region,
  • Participate in cross-functional projects led by the Operations Department, aiming to reinforce and model the expected quality standards according to the needs identified.
  • Validate reports from financial partners.
  • Actively contribute to the strengthening of procedures/processes both for programs and in conjunction with other departments (logistics, finance, etc.) in order to comply with donor requirements and ensure compliance with this regulatory and contractual framework in operations
  • Carry out the administrative steps of registration and structure new country offices of the region if necessary

4. Security management

  • Oversee risk analysis and monitoring of security environments.
  • Oversee the development, review and implementation of mission security plans in coordination with the Director of Logistics and the Deputy Director of International Operations
  • Participate in the crisis management team in the event of a security incident.

5. Management

  • Manage the Regional Coordinators and country representatives if any
  • Recruit, onboard, train and supervise new staff.


Education and experience:

You have a higher education degree and significant professional experience in a senior international position involving high-level representation to international networks, institutional donors and private funders. You have a good understanding of the humanitarian environment, and of international cooperation.

Endowed with great leadership and significant experience in lobbying, you have a proven ability to raise funding, drive change, and build support around innovative projects. Recognized∙e for your skills in organizational transformation and internal structuring, you have experience in setting up repositories and mobilizing human, financial, logistical and technical resources.

Agile and with a great work capacity, you master English at a professional level as well as the office pack and digital tools. Your relational, communication and writing skills are recognized, as well as your team spirit and good humor. You have a great sense of responsibility, are reliable and rigorous with an ability to organize and manage stress and priorities.

Specific Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent writing and synthesis skills
  • In-depth knowledge of public institutions, the private sector and institutional donors and their financing mechanisms
  • Mastery of the project cycle
  • Administrative and financial management/monitoring of projects and contract management
  • Ability to work in sensitive and complex political and security contexts and in a multicultural environment
  • Excellent listening, negotiation and communication skills
  • Respect for BSF's values and principles
  • Mobility in the field is essential.
  • Fluency in English.


  • Type of contract: Expatriate fixed-term contract (Contrat à Durée Déterminée d’Usage)

  • Duration of the contract: 12 months

  • Starting date : As soon as possible

  • Remuneration : According to BSF expatriate salary scale and experience, between 3200€ to 4400€ gross/month.

  • Benefits of expatriate contract:

    • Allowance for living expenses
    • Housing allowance
    • Social protection system adapted to expatriation (CFE, complementary health, providence, repatriation assistance and civil liability)
    • 1 annual return air ticket (contractual address-country of expatriation) for paid vacations for any contract of 12 months minimum.
  • Workplace: Amman, Jordan with frequent travels in the region (Lebanon, Iraq...)

How to apply

CV + LM : https://www.bibliosansfrontieres.org/agir/travailler-chez-bsf/